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I think the presenters in the event provided a good balance of opinion. Part of them are upbeat about the opportunity in M2M, while there’s also the realist part… Audience are a bit of a split as well. That’s my quick take on the event.

The slides can be found here, as usual:

Rustam Effendie, from Ericsson Indonesia, opened the session with a nice video, and share Ericsson view on the potential of M2M. M2M should be viewed as not a mere technology, or even ecosystem only, but as a change potential in the society enabled by technology.

(By the way, Ericsson brought a small demo app, for Connected Cow, Connected Bike and Connected Tree).

Pak Rustam actually offered a framework of M2M development and deployment: how Telco, vendor, app developers, and devices should work together. (I can’t find his slide, I’ll remind them to share…)

Meanwhile, enjoy another Ericsson M2M slide from MoMo Athens (2011)

Then, Meli Wulandari of Telkomsel was on stage. She shared a couple of data including top 5 category of M2M applications:  Transport & Logistics, Automotives, Connected Consumer Electronics, Security, Retail & Commerce – all 5 comprises approximately 75% of the market.

In her view, the market is wide open for partnership model. Operators are looking for partners, and trying hard not to be a “pipe” provider. Key assets from operator that can be utilized by app/content developers is mobility management (e.g. managing provisioning of SIM cards in M2M modules).

Then we have Amy from CPN, sharing a number of success stories from her company in deploying fleet management applications using M2M solution. (Fleet management is one of the earliest, most common form of M2M). She showed a clear ROI from companies implementing M2M solution. These return come from the ability to measure things in a more exact manners — to my surprise some of these things looks like small things – very Indonesian things.

Finally, Johan Kremer of RIM shared his view on M2M in Indonesia. In his view, M2M could be only a niche market (but potentially a lot of niches) in Indonesia, given the popularity of mobile as Consumer devices and technology. Johan stressed the upcoming importance of m-commerce in Indonesia – a B2B2C solution: employing a combination of apps, devices, NFC readers, and some sort of M2M gadgets, as a game changer in non-human communications.

That’s all folks. Enjoy the slides, and see you this April.

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