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6th Annual Telco Strategies Conference

The telecoms sector has come a long way in the past 25 years – so much so that it’s barely recognizable from the 1990 landscape. Now the industry is in an even greater state of flux as everything heads towards “anytime, anywhere, always on” digital services enabled by all-IP software-based virtual networks that will connect virtually everything.

Telcos must transform themselves like never before, and many challenges lie ahead, but within those challenges are major opportunities. As disruptive as the digital revolution is, that doesn’t mean telcos can’t do their own disrupting and lead the charge themselves. With the right strategy, telcos can not only thrive in the Digital Era, but also lead the charge in terms of innovative new business models and services.


Event Details

Event date: 20-21 May 2015

Event Venue: Singapore Event

Website: www.telcostrategies.com

Themed “Strategies For Thriving in The Age of Disruption,” the 6th Annual Telco Strategies Conference will look at the current trends reshaping the industry, the major pain points telcos are experiencing as a result, and ways to address them, with 2 special tracks: Network Optimization Strategies and Service Revenue Opportunities

The conference is followed by the 18th Annual Telecom Asia Awards – the region’s longest-running and most prestigious telecom industry awards in celebration of Telecom Asia’s 25th Anniversary.

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SparxUp 2012: 3-5 October 2012

Hackathon, Startup Competition & Conference

3-5th October 2012

Mandiri Tower, Plaza Bapindo



We’re looking for Indonesia’s programming talents to build awesome apps using APIs from our sponsors: Nokia (Windows Phone), Evernote and Foursquare. Hackers can register to join our hackathon here. Sparxup Hackathon is also supported by Binus International.

Startup Competition

Our signature-competition is available for Indonesian startups, our previous winners are GantiBaju.com, Lewatmana.com, iAbilities and Bistip.com. Winning Sparxup Awards can give your startup attention from media, potential partners, early adopters, even investors!

Submit your startups here

Conference & Awarding Night

Our conference’s grand theme is XXX: eXplore, eXecute, eXpand. It’s all about sharing knowledge, good discussions and awesome networking sessions. We have people from Foursquare, Evernote, Netprice, Groupon, GREE Ventures, Microsoft and Yahoo! Indonesia with audience from more than 20 countries gathered to know more about Indonesia’s tech scene.

Buy conference + awarding night tickets

Student Discount

We’re supporting our younger future tech entrepreneurs by giving steep discounts for students. By showing us your student ID upon onsite registration, students can pay IDR 300.000 for all access to conference and awarding night.

Buy conference + awarding night tickets

Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information regarding sponsoring Sparxup 2012, please contact us via email: rahmat@dailysocial.net

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Invitation MobileMonday 30 May 2011: Payment & Commerce, Mobile Perspective

Good evening everyone!

Second serving of MobileMonday for May? Yes!

Join us and network with your peers on the next Monday, the 30th May 2011… listen to great presentations on another hot topic of the industry: Payment and Commerce, Mobile Perspective. We’ve heard a little while back from DailySocial about e-commerce usage – and it’s a positive growth. The audience and the industry players, however, agreed that payment mechanism is something which is still lacking… Analysts also agree that mobile will play a BIG role in payment, thus BIG opportunity for us.

We have the privilege of having the following folks as our speakers, many are working on payment and commerce ecosystem:

  • Daniel Tumiwa, Indonesia Country Manager, Multiply Inc. “Mobile Payment in Social Commerce”
  • Leontinus Alpha Edison, COO, TokoPedia “e-Commerce ala TokoPedia.com”
  • Nabillah Alsagoff, COO, Dokupay.com “Doku e-Payment System”
  • Sarim Aziz, Research in Motion “AppWorld and Monetization in BlackBerry” – with a bonus topic: “Quick Update from BBWC Orlando”

Event details:

  • Date: Monday, 30 May 2011
  • Time: 18.00 registration open, 18.30 event starts
  • Venue: e’Corner, Rasuna Episentrum Walk, Ground Floor, Jakarta
    (this one is a nicer restaurant, more spacious definitely)

Here’s the registration link: http://mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

Special thanks for our Platinum Sponsor – Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones.

See you there!

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Summary: MoMo May-2 “Social Media in Indonesia – What’s Trending?”

Social Media is a hot issue in Indonesia. Most people, companies and brands have agreed that they have to use the Social Media to be existed and engaged with their friends, family, employees, customers and clients. But the question is: How do we use Social Media in the right way? What’s hype in the Social Media? How smart are we to use the Social Media and get benefit from it?

We are lucky to have four experts in Social Media joining our Indonesia Mobile Monday to share with us their knowledge on the world of Social Media.

The first speaker is Andy Sjarif, the CEO of SITTI, who talked about how he mapped the Indonesian Social Media through SITTI. SITTI captures the words from the internet and maps them to get the conclusion. From here, SITTI helps the internet users to use the words that are hype, most used and trending to be monetized. SITTI can also help the people to create force for a mission through the words in internet.

For example, from Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan case, SITTI can show how Americans and Indonesians reacted on the case. Americans asked about the news, while Indonesians asked more about where to download the video. Other samples are the topics on Tifatul Sembiring, Melinda Dee, etc. Pretty interesting presentation!

Andy ended his presentation with: “Every word you wrote, every mood you have, any friends (or enemy) you have are captured in Social Media. Understanding this will – someday – shift the direction of this nation.”

The second speaker is Danny Wirianto, the CMO of Kaskus.  Danny said that Social Media is about shifting on lifestyles, behavior and how we use things. Social Media is also about the change from institutional control to social control. This is shown from a research that 7 from 10 journalists get their story ideas from the internet & rely on the news from the internet.

Social Media can also be described as Social, Share & Speed. Danny added that companies should be engaged and creates an experience, instead of selling products & services.

The third speaker is Johan Kremer, Head of Alliances for Research In Motion Southeast Asia. Johan showed the recent data that there is growth for smartphones in Asia that would attract more developers. One of the local Blackberry applications, Love Indonesia, was selected last year as the Asian regional Super App winner. Love Indonesia is an application location-based lifestyle-portal that guides us in finding anything we need with its different type of search feature.

Other great thing about the new Blackberry is the integration with Facebook, Bloomberg, etc.

Johan revealed that the biggest Blackberry applications downloaded in Indonesia is IM & Social Networking (33%), Themes (22%) and Shopping (11%), while the driving force of Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger and local applications.

The best points about Blackberry Messenger is that users are more connected with their family and friends as they send more messages everyday and BBM was rated with the highest level of satisfaction score by users across all markets and platforms.

He added some great news that there will be Blackberry Developer Day in Bandung on 24th of May and the Blackberry’s Playbook will be launched officially next on June!

The last but not least, the fourth speaker is Enda Nasution from SalingSilang who discussed about the Social Media Landscape in Indonesia. Social Media is people having conversations online. People use Social Media to report news. And the “online reporters” could be news organizations, journalists and decision makers, and also “Alays”. From here, SalingSilang engine collects all the conversation and news sent to the Social Media like Twitter, blogs and Facebook.

It is found from SalingSilang that the peak hour and the peak day of Twitter in Indonesia are at night and on Thursday. And the busiest city for Twitter in Indonesia is Jakarta. On the tools, people mostly post their tweets from Ubersocial, Twitter for Blackberry and Snaptu.

SalingSilang found that there are 5 million people in Indonesia do the blogging on May 2011. Enda concluded the event by saying that the Social Media industry is growing & needed its foundation.

For the full slides and presentations from the speakers, please click this link: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/2011/05/slides-from-may-2-event/

That’s all the summary of the last Indonesia Mobile Monday on 2 May 2011.

See you at the next IDMomo!

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Invitation “New Year, New Media, New Ideas” – 12 Jan 2010

Dear MobileMonday Friends,

Happy New Year to you all… Opening the year, we will begin by revisiting the theme: mobile as the 7th mass media. A lot have changed since our first 2008 event on mobile mass media. Coming this January is a joint event about the upcoming trends, case studies, and opportunities in mobile media and new media.

The basic rules of brand building in the digital space are as important as they are for traditional forms of brand communications. Mavenix and MobileMonday Indonesia, supported by Mobile Marketing Association (Indonesia), are proud to present the first major seminar in 2010.

“New Year, New Media, New Ideas”

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 – that’s next week! And yes, it’s Tuesday.
Blitz Megaplex @ Pacific Place, 2pm – 5.30pm

Speakers are:

  1. Andy Zain (MobileMonday Indonesia) – “Get more social and mobile: Mobile Social Networking in Indonesia case study”
  2. Avi Marinstrauss (3GVision) – “QR Code creativity & technology: how brands can benefit from it”
  3. Ashwin Puri (VuClip) – “Mobile video – new trend vs monetization”
  4. Joerg Krahnert (NetBiscuits) – “The next generation mobile sites”
  5. Michael Budi (AR&Co) – “Augmented Reality for branding – local case studies”

This event is geared towards our agency friends, brands, and content providers who are keen to explore the exciting and ever changing landscape of new media.

The seminar is FREE and seats are limited – RSVP is a must.

So please visit our website to register: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

See you there!

MobileMonday Indonesia & Mavenix

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Mobile Marketing Briefing with MMA

Friends of MobileMonday Indonesia,

Please use this rare opportunity and attend the first ever Mobile Marketing Association Briefing on Mobile Marketing Opportunity in Indonesia, brought to you through collaboration among Mobile Marketing Association, Frost & Sullivan, MobileMonday Indonesia, M-Stars, and Bubu.com. Meet with all the major mobile marketing players in Indonesia, the telcos, case studies from brands (Axe and Green Sands), learn the latest technology in mobile marketing (augmented reality?) and more..

The Briefing will take place at:

  • Date: Thursday, 12 November 2009
  • Time: 14.00 – 17.00
  • Place: Hotel Mulia (Ballroom 1)
    (co-located with Frost & Sullivan Indonesian Telecoms International Summit 2009)
For details on the Frost & Sullivan Indonesian Telecoms International Summit 2009, please visit their website: http://www.frost-indotelecom.com/
download the agenda here :
If you are in the mobile advertising business, coming from an agency or a brand looking to know more about mobile marketing, make sure you did not missed the opportunities.
Seats are very limited and we are almost at full house. See you there!

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Invitation: MobileMonday 24 Nov ’08: CDMA – Beyond Voice

CDMA (or technically CDMA2000) has become very popular since the introduction of FWA – the so called limited mobility services. It’s also a start of two SIM cards/phones era in Indonesia, it is uncommon since then to see people bringing two phones: one GSM and one CDMA.

In 2008, CDMA Fixed Wireless Access operators has reached approximately 15 million subscribers in Indonesia (plus a few more millions from the CDMA mobile operators) and still showing an impressive growth.

The question: will CDMA in Indonesia stay as cheap voice services? Or is there any opportunity for data and value added services?

Join us this Monday together with Qualcomm and Bakrie Telecom to learn about the latest update on CDMA, wireless technology and VAS or application opportunities.

Harry Nugraha, Sr. Director & Country Manager of Qualcomm Indonesia, will share two topics. The first one is to put CDMA within the overall technology perspective: “Wireless Technology Roadmap: CDMA and UMTS.” Secondly he will present “BREW Mobile Platform (BMP), the next generation application platform for the masses.”

While Avijit Dutta, VP Value Added Services of Bakrie Telecom will share with us the potential mobile data service for the masses.

Event details:

Date: Monday, 24 November 2008
Time: 18.00 – onwards
Place: Amigos Restaurant, Bellagio Boutique Mall, Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Of course, event is free of charge. Thanks to Qualcomm for providing the nice dinner to accompany our fun networking.

And special thanks to our annual sponsors: Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Please register on our website: Register to the Event

See you next Monday!!

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Forum Nokia is Calling All Innovators in Jakarta !

A very important “Post Hari Raya Holiday” event which you should not miss!
Our friends in Forum Nokia is having a Forum Nokia Code Camp this coming October 15-16 in Hotel Nikko Jakarta and all of you are invited!!

It is a two-day seminar for budding technopreneurs, mobile developers and web developers. Whether you are a technology guru trying to build an application or a business whiz looking to market your application in Asia and beyond, the Forum Nokia Code Camp may give you enough industry insights, tools and resources to help. This Code Camp is specially organized for developers in Indonesia. You will bring your own laptop and start coding during the camp and complete your (alpha version) application at the end of the 2 day sessions. Isn’t it cool!!!

The event will be free of charge but you need to register at their website here.

Following up the Code Camp, Nokia will as well announce a contest, calling all the innovators in Asia Pacific to compete with their most innovative application and win prizes, including chance to visit and showcase your application in GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. i.e. the worlds largest mobile related expo!

So, make sure you do not schedule anything else yet on those dates and head to their website to register now. See you there!

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