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IDC Presentation from 24 February Event

Presentation from Darwin Lie – IDC Indonesia. Those who are watching smartphones market – beware (in a good sense), we are in the era where smartphones growth in Indonesia is amazing. Smells like opportunities.

Recap “Mobile Tourism in Indonesia” – MoMo 28 Jan

We owe you this recap, mainly to translate most of what the speakers said during the event 😀

Amie Laras from Ulin Ulin Indonesia (@ulinulin_id) started the presentation, explaining her passion to improve both 1) Indonesian / Balinese small/micro business related to tourism and 2) experience of visiting tourists. Amie explained that many of information found about Indonesia, esp. Bali is somewhat outdated.

She addressed this problem by creating an app (yeah, “there’s an App for that”) that combines thousand hours of foot work research of Point of Interests (POI), photos, and story telling, all about Bali. Actually the app is more or less a front end of Ulin Ulin’s location and map platform.

So on the other flipside, the platform can be opened for B2B use cases. They demonstrated a hotel app that uses the same information back-end but adding a couple of functionalities for the guests interacting with hotel’s services.

Next, Gaery of very popular Tiket.com was on stage… :-) He explained what they do and how he sees the upwards trend for online travel ecosystem, including the use of mobile (definitely usage of mobile is increasing). In APAC 15% are projected to book travel products and services via mobile by 2013.

Tiket.com overall customer is 17% mobile, 31% travel aggregator, and 52% desktop.

From their statistics, about 9% of the customers are now booking flight from mobile – still pretty much a small fraction, so let’s revisit in the near future to understand the growth. However average transaction value from mobile seems to be higher… Another interesting fact is that ~70% of mobile transaction comes from mobile apps (vs 30% from browser), but sales conversion rate is much lower in mobile apps…

Tiket.com mentioned that partners are important part of their strategy. They provide open API for their partners to leverage.

Next we have Amiranto from J-Spot Mobile. He demo’ed an app/magazine combo “Indonesia in Your Hand” – showing off augmented reality capability. In addition to the AR, what is worthy to be noted is that the app/magazine is being used extensively by our Ministry of Tourism/Creative Economy to promote Indonesia.

If you’re going to ITB Berlin (not that ITB), you’ll find this magazine/app featured in Indonesia Booth.

Iip Azhar (@iipazhar) from RIM (or known as BlackBerry now), shared his view on mobile tourism. Tourism can not escape the SoLoMo trend for sure… few stats: mobile traffic to tourism sites has increased by 72%… people are using mobile to research restaurant, attraction and accomodation.

He mentioned that there’s an app for the whole tourism experience – research/discovery, booking, during the travel, social sharing. Some notable Indonesian apps are: RajaKamar, Garuda Indonesia, BCA and Mandiri, and BlueBird, not to forget Menoo, Makan Di Mana, and PicMix. Wikitude is also something interesting, which promises to unlock more AR capability in BB10.

I believe there’s still plenty of apps/services that we haven’t listed here, Toresto for example, and may more.

And for you, dear reader, that would like to start a mobile/technology start up, don’t forget to visit Founder Institute Jakarta – their Spring 2013 intake is open now.

One more thing, there’s an exciting event about Indonesian Travel – arranged by WIT (Web In Travel). This is the first time WIT is held in Indonesia. Mark your calender: 27 March 2013 @ Pullman Central Park, Jakarta.

Slides are being uploaded. Stay tuned.

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Slides from March Event/M2M + Quick Recap

I think the presenters in the event provided a good balance of opinion. Part of them are upbeat about the opportunity in M2M, while there’s also the realist part… Audience are a bit of a split as well. That’s my quick take on the event.

The slides can be found here, as usual: https://sites.google.com/site/idmomoslides2012/

Rustam Effendie, from Ericsson Indonesia, opened the session with a nice video, and share Ericsson view on the potential of M2M. M2M should be viewed as not a mere technology, or even ecosystem only, but as a change potential in the society enabled by technology.

(By the way, Ericsson brought a small demo app, for Connected Cow, Connected Bike and Connected Tree).

Pak Rustam actually offered a framework of M2M development and deployment: how Telco, vendor, app developers, and devices should work together. (I can’t find his slide, I’ll remind them to share…)

Meanwhile, enjoy another Ericsson M2M slide from MoMo Athens (2011)

Then, Meli Wulandari of Telkomsel was on stage. She shared a couple of data including top 5 category of M2M applications:  Transport & Logistics, Automotives, Connected Consumer Electronics, Security, Retail & Commerce – all 5 comprises approximately 75% of the market.

In her view, the market is wide open for partnership model. Operators are looking for partners, and trying hard not to be a “pipe” provider. Key assets from operator that can be utilized by app/content developers is mobility management (e.g. managing provisioning of SIM cards in M2M modules).

Then we have Amy from CPN, sharing a number of success stories from her company in deploying fleet management applications using M2M solution. (Fleet management is one of the earliest, most common form of M2M). She showed a clear ROI from companies implementing M2M solution. These return come from the ability to measure things in a more exact manners — to my surprise some of these things looks like small things – very Indonesian things.

Finally, Johan Kremer of RIM shared his view on M2M in Indonesia. In his view, M2M could be only a niche market (but potentially a lot of niches) in Indonesia, given the popularity of mobile as Consumer devices and technology. Johan stressed the upcoming importance of m-commerce in Indonesia – a B2B2C solution: employing a combination of apps, devices, NFC readers, and some sort of M2M gadgets, as a game changer in non-human communications.

That’s all folks. Enjoy the slides, and see you this April.

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MobileMonday 13 Feb 2012 – Co-host with Telkomsel

Dear MobileMonday Friends,

Welcome to the next MobileMonday event, co-hosted with Telkomsel and themed “Mobile Commerce in Digital Lifestyle: Opportunities and Challenges for 2012

This is a very hot and interesting topic. As noted by Tomi Ahonen (Pearls #3 – Mobile Money, 2011), mobile application in commerce space has gone from a long way from a simple SMS alert for banking transactions (yr. 1996 by Merita Bank, Finland), to paying train tickets (yr. 2000 in Austria), to mobile wallet (yr. 2004 by NTT DoCoMo), to the very successful m-Pesa (yr. 2006 in Safaricom/Kenya), and the list goes on and on.

I am quoting David Birch of Consult Hyperion in his book “The Digital Money Reader (2011)”

Looking around the world now, it appears that the era of mobile payments, mobile banking and mobile money is upon us. Mobile and wireless will be central to strategy in the payments world for the foreseeable future.

Are you ready to explore this untapped opportunity? And opportunity that potentially can deliver a huge impact for our country. Joining us are speakers to discuss and share insights about various aspects of the mobile commerce space:

  • Frost & Sullivan – Iwan Rachmat, Sr. Consultant for ICT Practises
  • SWIFF – Angus Ogilvy, Chief Sales Officer
  • IndoMOG – Donald Wihardja
  • Telkomsel – Deny Abidin
  • Payfone – Matt Tucker, COO

Event details:

  • Date: Monday, 13 February 2012
  • Time: 18.00 – finish
  • Venue: Blowfish Restaurant & Bar, City Plaza, Jl. Gatot Subroto (right behind Wisma Mulia)

As usual, please register on http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

Special thanks for Research in Motion the maker of BlackBerry smartphones for their annual sponsorship.

See you there!


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Slides for May-30 Event

Slides from tonight’s event is available at: https://sites.google.com/site/idmomogroup/download-slides. We’ve got the preso from Multiply/Daniel Tumiwa, RIM/Sarim Aziz, and DOKU. Still waiting for the slide from Tokopedia/Leon.


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Invitation MobileMonday 30 May 2011: Payment & Commerce, Mobile Perspective

Good evening everyone!

Second serving of MobileMonday for May? Yes!

Join us and network with your peers on the next Monday, the 30th May 2011… listen to great presentations on another hot topic of the industry: Payment and Commerce, Mobile Perspective. We’ve heard a little while back from DailySocial about e-commerce usage – and it’s a positive growth. The audience and the industry players, however, agreed that payment mechanism is something which is still lacking… Analysts also agree that mobile will play a BIG role in payment, thus BIG opportunity for us.

We have the privilege of having the following folks as our speakers, many are working on payment and commerce ecosystem:

  • Daniel Tumiwa, Indonesia Country Manager, Multiply Inc. “Mobile Payment in Social Commerce”
  • Leontinus Alpha Edison, COO, TokoPedia “e-Commerce ala TokoPedia.com”
  • Nabillah Alsagoff, COO, Dokupay.com “Doku e-Payment System”
  • Sarim Aziz, Research in Motion “AppWorld and Monetization in BlackBerry” – with a bonus topic: “Quick Update from BBWC Orlando”

Event details:

  • Date: Monday, 30 May 2011
  • Time: 18.00 registration open, 18.30 event starts
  • Venue: e’Corner, Rasuna Episentrum Walk, Ground Floor, Jakarta
    (this one is a nicer restaurant, more spacious definitely)

Here’s the registration link: http://mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

Special thanks for our Platinum Sponsor – Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones.

See you there!

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Summary: MoMo May-2 “Social Media in Indonesia – What’s Trending?”

Social Media is a hot issue in Indonesia. Most people, companies and brands have agreed that they have to use the Social Media to be existed and engaged with their friends, family, employees, customers and clients. But the question is: How do we use Social Media in the right way? What’s hype in the Social Media? How smart are we to use the Social Media and get benefit from it?

We are lucky to have four experts in Social Media joining our Indonesia Mobile Monday to share with us their knowledge on the world of Social Media.

The first speaker is Andy Sjarif, the CEO of SITTI, who talked about how he mapped the Indonesian Social Media through SITTI. SITTI captures the words from the internet and maps them to get the conclusion. From here, SITTI helps the internet users to use the words that are hype, most used and trending to be monetized. SITTI can also help the people to create force for a mission through the words in internet.

For example, from Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan case, SITTI can show how Americans and Indonesians reacted on the case. Americans asked about the news, while Indonesians asked more about where to download the video. Other samples are the topics on Tifatul Sembiring, Melinda Dee, etc. Pretty interesting presentation!

Andy ended his presentation with: “Every word you wrote, every mood you have, any friends (or enemy) you have are captured in Social Media. Understanding this will – someday – shift the direction of this nation.”

The second speaker is Danny Wirianto, the CMO of Kaskus.  Danny said that Social Media is about shifting on lifestyles, behavior and how we use things. Social Media is also about the change from institutional control to social control. This is shown from a research that 7 from 10 journalists get their story ideas from the internet & rely on the news from the internet.

Social Media can also be described as Social, Share & Speed. Danny added that companies should be engaged and creates an experience, instead of selling products & services.

The third speaker is Johan Kremer, Head of Alliances for Research In Motion Southeast Asia. Johan showed the recent data that there is growth for smartphones in Asia that would attract more developers. One of the local Blackberry applications, Love Indonesia, was selected last year as the Asian regional Super App winner. Love Indonesia is an application location-based lifestyle-portal that guides us in finding anything we need with its different type of search feature.

Other great thing about the new Blackberry is the integration with Facebook, Bloomberg, etc.

Johan revealed that the biggest Blackberry applications downloaded in Indonesia is IM & Social Networking (33%), Themes (22%) and Shopping (11%), while the driving force of Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger and local applications.

The best points about Blackberry Messenger is that users are more connected with their family and friends as they send more messages everyday and BBM was rated with the highest level of satisfaction score by users across all markets and platforms.

He added some great news that there will be Blackberry Developer Day in Bandung on 24th of May and the Blackberry’s Playbook will be launched officially next on June!

The last but not least, the fourth speaker is Enda Nasution from SalingSilang who discussed about the Social Media Landscape in Indonesia. Social Media is people having conversations online. People use Social Media to report news. And the “online reporters” could be news organizations, journalists and decision makers, and also “Alays”. From here, SalingSilang engine collects all the conversation and news sent to the Social Media like Twitter, blogs and Facebook.

It is found from SalingSilang that the peak hour and the peak day of Twitter in Indonesia are at night and on Thursday. And the busiest city for Twitter in Indonesia is Jakarta. On the tools, people mostly post their tweets from Ubersocial, Twitter for Blackberry and Snaptu.

SalingSilang found that there are 5 million people in Indonesia do the blogging on May 2011. Enda concluded the event by saying that the Social Media industry is growing & needed its foundation.

For the full slides and presentations from the speakers, please click this link: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/2011/05/slides-from-may-2-event/

That’s all the summary of the last Indonesia Mobile Monday on 2 May 2011.

See you at the next IDMomo!

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Slides from May-2 Event

Here’s the slide from the last event… Enjoy!


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MoMo 2-May: Social Media in Indonesia

Venue update: MoodZ – Rasuna Epicentrum Unit W, Jl. Taman Rasuna Said, Kuningan

It’s never enough to talk about Social Media. Always a hot issue in Indonesia. Always a dynamic area and ever growing. All statistics show that usage of SocMed is one (and the most important) growth driver in Indonesian mobile Internet. But the question remains on how to monetize… how to reap the benefit of this trend… The good thing is many Indonesian entrepreneur, fueled by this trend, are doing a lot of excellent innovations in the market.

They will be present in our event… You are cordially invited to MobileMonday 2 May 2011: “Social Media in Indonesia – What’s Trending?” (As promised, we need to play catch up; because we skip March event, so we plan to do more events in May)

Event details:

  • Date/day: Monday, 2 May 2011
  • Time: 18.00 – onwards
  • Venue: MoodZ – Rasuna Epicentrum Unit W, Jl. Taman Rasuna Said, Kuningan

Why you should come? Of course the networking opportunity, and we will hear from several heavyweights…

  • Research In Motion – What’s Hot in BBM6.0 Social Platform
  • SalingSilang, Enda Nasution @enda – capturing Indonesia’s social conversation
  • SITTI, Andy Sjarif @andysjarif – about his hot new platform for contextual ads
  • Kaskus, Danny Oei @dWirianto – sharing his insights about developing biggest online community in Indonesia

(Well, for exact topic + title, please stay tuned)

For registration, please visit the usual registration link: http://www.mobilemonday.co.id/events/register-to-event

See you there!

MobileMonday Indonesia @idmomo

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Recap: MoMo Apr-4 “Lessons from The Online World”

Quick recap on the last event. Yes, I apologize that I have 3 event recaps as backlogs, I’ll do it eventually… As we said, we are trying something different last Monday. Let’s call it Crossover. And we think – the audience agreed – that what we learned yesterday was really good. The speakers agreed as well… :-)

Selina Limman (@missdimps) from Urbanesia opened the session with her story. It all started with a burning question, “How to find some-peculiar-product-or-food-or-place around some-particular-place-in-jakarta?” And the information has to be trusted, updated. And so Urbanesia was born – and online city guide, with social aspects – recommendation, sharing; and with rewards points to motivate sharing.

I think their statistics speak for themselves. Being recognized as Google Map local content partner is a significant milestone and a kind of recognition.

Something that you should not forget is that Urbanesia API is open and free to use. It has inspired a lot of niche mobile apps, e.g. RadarBakmi (guess what this app do…). Growth strategy will center around API, mobile apps, and becoming THE platform for business directory and marketing. Urbanesia mobile website is also available at: m.pre.urbanesia.com.

Next we have Rahmad Harlyadi (@harlyadie) from DailySocial, Indonesian technology blog, who shared about their very recent research about e-commerce usage in Indonesian (Greater Jakarta) youth.

A couple of very interesting stats:

  • definitely from year 2000 (after the bubble burst), still plenty of startups… and we got nowadays 24 “groupon” clones in Indonesia
  • what they buy: 44% clothes, 13% shoes, 11% accessories
  • how much they spent: 12.5% less than 100k IDR, 53% less than 500k IDR
  • how they pay: 80% through banks (ATM, mobile, e-banking) and still thinks that it’s the most ideal way to pay… hello, online payment guys, this smells like opportunities
  • online vs offline: 50/50 – people still buy offline, use online as price comparison tools

Main inhibitors for e-commerce is trust factor – either they fear of fraud / “tukang tipu” or uncertainty in product quality (well, the product photos often look better than the real goods).

Then we have Adrian Suherman from DealKeren. His first secret recipe, if I summarize, is to create the right business model. DealKeren is becoming a B2B2C platform that facilitates a new marketplace for branded goods and SME products as well.

Again, the number speaks for themselves: facing happy problem due to crazy growth… compared to July 2010: 50% subs increase, from 2000 deals to 25000 deals, doubling revenue every month…. to name a few. Not to mention securing the deal with Yahoo! Indonesia (477-mio-page-hit-per-month portal) – they are featured in Yahoo’s frontpage: “Deals” section.

Adrian said that their success strategy is to strike with speed: maintaining the momentum of first mover advantage, keep innovating and to execute flawlessly: balancing the complex ecosystem that they create while delivering total customer experience.

That’s all folks!

Slides can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/idmomogroup/download-slides

See you in the next event!

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